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Volunteers Wanted!

NeuroCyber would like to expand, do more and reach more people. We'd also like to have a better answer for the neurodivergent people who approach us asking how they can get involved while we're unable to run events in person ... so we've brainstormed and come up with this list of tasks that could have a huge impact to how much we do; are self-contained, so that you know what you're signing up for; and that would allow people to be more active within our network if they choose!

First line IT Support

We could do with someone to help our board and volunteers wrangle our IT! This is mostly supporting people who are less familiar administrating MS 365 for a small business and helping people who are struggling with learning the ins and outs of collaborative working tools - it's a training requirement, rather than a technical one.

Website Graphics and Thumbnails

We're short on graphics for our website and it'd be great to recruit someone who could generate the images to go with blog articles and on social media posts. Please help make make our posts stand out!

Website Content Management

Our board is great at networking and researching, so we always have a stack of things that we're planning to upload to the website. We'd like someone to manage those uploads to the blog, so that it happens more regularly.

Social Media

Social media is a job in itself. It'd be great to have a person scheduling posts that draw on the content we bring to the website and to monitor what's going on - both to remind us to make content to join in conversations about neurodiversity awareness etc. and to suggest that we make connections with the people responding to our own posts.

Website Content Creators and Curators

We're always looking for case studies and articles from both neurodivergent people who would like to share their experiences and the businesses in our network who want to share their D&I lessons learned. You can find more information here.

Neurodivergent Advisory Group

We would like to set up a small advisory group, and in line with our strong ethics of “nothing about us, without us”. We’re looking for neurodivergent people who are willing to be open and honest within this closed group about their experiences and the things they'd like to see change. This forum would be conducted under the Chatham House Rule, to allow people to contribute without publicly disclosing their neurodivergence. You can be either officially diagnosed or self-diagnosed, because we exist and our experiences are real, whether we have met a psychologist or not!

The aim is to ensure that we are guided by a diversity of voices from within the neurodivergent community, so that our activities reflect the needs of all the people who feel represented by our brand. We would convene the group quarterly for a 1-2 hour workshops to seek ideas for events, test aspects of our plans etc. We won't have the resources to take every suggestion on board, but what we can achieve can only be made better with more input from the neurodivergent cyber community!

Event Volunteers

Currently, with our events being online, this would be helping people navigate the IT, anchoring sessions, etc.

When we go back to events in real life, we'll need people to help us greet attendees, help them navigate the events that we run, or volunteer to spend a day on the NeuroCyber stand at industry events telling people about our network.

How do I volunteer?

If you'd like to help then we'd love to hear from you! Just send us a message through the contact page and we'll be in touch with an application form.

For security reasons we need to be able to verify who you are and chat to you about what roles you're most interested in. We're also a volunteer-run organisation, so we might not be able to respond right away, although we do read every message people send us.


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