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We are a network of passionate industry volunteers led by a Board who are, or have connections to, brilliant neurodiverse people. We are driven to improve career outcomes for those with a neurodiversity, to enrich the sector and thereby positively impact the cyber skills gap in the UK

Launch of our new strategy to 2022

NeuroCyber was formed in 2017 by a small group of influential and like minded individuals sharing a common goal: to raise awareness of the value and importance of neurodiversity to the Cyber Sector and improve outcomes for those with neurodiverse conditions. 

The group has grown to 50 organisations led by a board who are, or have connections to, brilliant neurodiverse people.  

Today we launch our new strategy to 2022


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Latest News

Empowering Neurodiversity in the Workplace during Covid-19

Looking for practical ideas to assist inclusion for those with neurodiverse conditions? Or neurodiverse yourself looking for tips on managing your environment during 'lockdown'?


Creased Puddle's Neuro-teamC19 have created a business support pack to help you navigate these uncertain times. 


It's aim is to give confidence to business and employees to start conversations to overcome challenges in times of change.  

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Working from home with Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia – Covid19

Exceptional Individuals is a group providing consulting, recruitment and employment support to employers and individuals with dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and autism. 

They have put together the top 15 tips for working from home for people with neurodiverse conditions. 

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How to manage your neurodiverse staff when they're working remotely

More and more staff are now working from home, especially during the current pandemic. For many, this is a new discipline but rapidly becoming the new normal. It presents challenges and opportunities for everyone.

This article, written by Neurodiversity consultant  and speaker Rachel Morgan-Trimmer looks at management strategies and support ideas for helping neurodiverse staff when working remotely.

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Autistica's guide to making online events more accessible for autistic people

We’re all adapting to new ways of working & virtual meetings are becoming common.

Virtual meetings and web-based events or webinars can be a great way to connect with people and share information. They are being used more than ever during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown. It's important to make these events accessible for all. This guide from Autistica is aimed at event or meeting hosts. It should help you make your events more accessible for autistic people and those with additional needs.

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Cyber Pathways - careers event on 27th Feb 2020, QEII Centre, London

Thanks to Nicola Whiting, MBE and Vinod of Securitism for supporting the NeuroCyber stand at the QEII Centre in London a couple of weeks ago now.


The fact that our stand was available to those looking for work in cyber meant we had some really important conversations. Many of the attendees were young people starting their careers and some were still in full-time education. 


The feeling that struck us folks running the stand, was the inclusion mindset of young people. They shared the fact that our stand, being at this careers fair meant the cyber must be a progressive industry.  Our presence helped this wonderful industry look like an attractive prospect for a future career.

Our being there allowed those who were recently diagnosed or going through a diagnosis, or supporting those with neurodiverse conditions into careers share their personal stories with us. This always reminds us, Neuro Cyber UK , why we exist.  So thanks for your bravery!


Add to this mix, Nic's great presentation to a diverse, young, gender-mixed group where she shared some really interesting statistics and takeaways, and a few of her favourites are here:


 - Harvard Bias Test: find your biases, so you can mitigate them and hire fairly.

- Autism Spectrum Explained 


Nic here @CyberGoGiver

Vinod here @Securitism1 

Neurodiversity: A different way of looking at the world

It's easier to think outside the box when you already live there

Neurodiverse strengths

  • Logical & methodical

  • Cognitive pattern recognition

  • “Outside the box” thinking

  • Attention to detail

  • Reliability & loyalty

  • Integrity

  • Focussed

Harness the skills

What's in it for you?

  • Diverse & stronger workforce

  • Cover key skills gaps

  • Increased productivity

  • Better reputation

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  • The right training

  • The right leadership

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