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The People Who Make NeuroCyber

Our advisory board

NeuroCyber is registered as a Community Interest Company with two named directors - Mike Spain and Steph Aldridge. They're supported a voluntary advisory board, where a balance of neurodivergent people, senior managers within cyber security functions and corporate diversity and inclusion specialists combine their skills. We bring events and projects aiming to amplify nerodivergent peoples' voices and to support businesses in creating accessible workplaces. It's this board who define strategy, choose projects and set them in motion.

Our volunteers

We've recently decided that we need more help! We've tried to bring together those requirements as clearly defined practical roles that people can take on, both to give network members more opportunities to get involved and to give us all structured ways to participate and get to know other neurodivergent people.

We're open to offers of support from everyone, but will prioritise neurodivergent people for these roles ... because, where possible, we don't want anything to happen at NeuroCyber without the direct input of neurodivergent people!

Our network

NeuroCyber is first and foremost a network connecting people with information and likeminded individuals to better support neurodiversity in the cyber security workplace. Joining the network gets our members updates on what we're doing, invitations to events and meetings, and lets us ask you for your help and input.

People join our network for a variety of reasons:

  • On their own behalf, on behalf of an organisation, or on behalf of someone who they are supporting. We ask that everybody who joins the network is over 18.

They can choose to engage with us in a variety of ways:

  • Neurodivergent members and their allies - hearing about events and publications

  • Volunteers - hear about opportunities to donate time to working groups and events

  • Representative of a sponsor organisation - offering financial support to events and connecting to network and discuss better diversity and inclusion practices

  • Representative of a support organisation - connecting to raise awareness of services supporting neurodivergent people

  • Advisory board - defining the ongoing strategy and projects that NeuroCyber engages in (depending on our current vacancies and how your experience compliments our skills)

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