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Different Minds Podcast with Gentleman Jack theme tune creators

In the August 15th episode of the Different Minds podcast broadcaster John Offord chats to O'Hooley & Tidow, an English folk music duo from Yorkshire about life as a neurodivergent couple and parenting. As we're doing our own seminar session in October talking about late diagnosis in autism, we thought it'd be great to highlight other conversations about the theme!

Both Heidi and Belinda talk about how they both recently received a late diagnosis of autism and the process they have been going through ever since and likened it to the stages of grief. They discussed coming out as gay and autistic and how those experience compared. They also discussed what it was like to bring up a young child during lockdown.

Singer songwriter, Heidi Tidow and her wife, singer-songwriter and pianist, Belinda O’Hoole were nominated for Best Duo at the 2013 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards. Their 2016 album Shadows was given a five-star review in The Guardian, and four of their other five albums, including their 2017 release WinterFolk Volume 1, have received four-star reviews in the British national press. In 2019 their song "Gentleman Jack", from the album The Fragile, featured as the closing theme for the BBC/HBO television series Gentleman Jack.

The Different Minds podcast is the work of broadcaster, John Offord who chats to people from all walks of life about neurodiversity. His guest list is like a neurodiversity whose who and has included Chris Packham CBE, Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, Siena Castellon, Steve Silberman and Temple Grandin.


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