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Neurodiversity 101

What is it?

For NeuroCyber 2021 we're branching out, taking people's Zoom fatigue into account and running our conference as a seminar series instead! It'll be the same insightful content from our neurodivergent speakers, D&I specialists and the NeuroCyber Board, spread over monthly webinars.

When is it?

Neurodiversity 101 will begin on the 25th of June 2021.


The first seminar starts at 10.30 BST

How can I join in?

You can sign up for each webinar using the links in the session outlines below.

Sometimes we'll add details of the sessions before we've confirmed the exact online location, so you can join the network to get email notifications or follow us on Twitter @neurocyberUK

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The seminars:

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