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NeuroCyber Strategy to 2022

Our purpose

To grow neurodiversity in the cyber sector through inclusive practises

Our strategic objectives


Raising Awareness

Educating the cyber sector on the competitive advantage and value of a properly supported neurodiverse workforce


Making Connections

Creating a network of organisations who are positive about a neurodiverse workforce and signposting neurodiverse talent


Improving Inclusive Environments

Continually improving working environments and productivity through positive conversations, research and case studies

Our unique contribution: how we operate

We are a network of passionate industry volunteers led by a Board who are, or have connections to, brilliant neurodivergent people. We are driven to improve career outcomes for neurodivergent colleagues, to enrich the sector and thereby positively impact the cyber skills gap in the UK

Our initiatives


Our Events

Conference speakers, cyber industry trade events, bespoke events connecting job seekers with hiring organisations

  • Delivering a small number of friendly, informative and easily accessible events

  • Providing credible, well informed speakers to enhance your recruitment and EDI events


Our Information Hub

Everything you need to know but were too afraid to ask, all in one place -

  • Maintaining information rich online resources through our website and social media channels

  • Creating a directory of validated recruiters for neurodiverse talent to connect with for potential employment opportunities

  • Mapping neurodiverse pathways towards and within the cyber sector


Our Inclusion Tips

Identifying and sharing fact based advice to the cyber sector

  • Assuring language and approaches for industry employers, events and materials

  • Suggesting ways to improve inclusion, especially in neurodiversity 

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