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Our seminars are now on YouTube!

The recording of the first session in our Neurodiversity 101 series is now available.

It was great to be able to meet people and catch-up, albeit virtually. Nicola Whiting hosted the session and introduced the panel of experts and our guest speaker, the wonderful Siena Castellon. Siena spoke about her journey to becoming a neurodiversity advocate, celebrated author, creator of the Neurodiversity Celebration Week, creator of a mentorship programme for neurodivergent young people and now UN Young Leader for the Sustainable Development Goals and she is still a teenager herself!

Following questions for Siena, each member of the panel introduced themselves and gave us a sneak preview of what’s in store for the next few sessions in the Neurodiversity 101 series. This includes a look at why a neurodiverse workforce can benefit your organisation, recruiting a neurodiverse workforce and creating the right environment to enable everyone to thrive.

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