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We're always looking for case studies!


One of the biggest challenges with setting up D&I processes is having places to get tips and share lessons learned.

We're sure that businesses across the cyber sector are learning all the time and, where possible, we'd like to act as a hub for sharing those insights. It doesn't matter how small the changes may seem, if you've made an adaptation that's supporting diversity in your business then we'd like to share it!

We're happy to either link to publications on your own site, or to host a downloadable copy of any reports that you have posted. We would probably share any content that you provide us on our case studies page.

Some guidelines:

  • the changes don't have to be big, or company-wide, just impactful;

  • we want to know the positives that these changes have brought to the company - what benefits has a diversity of thought brought into the business, how has the discussion highlighted support that all employees can benefit from, etc.;

  • we'd prefer publications to avoid naming and showcasing individuals - neurodivergent people need to be able to choose when to disclose their differences and can contribute to NeuroCyber under their own name if they choose.

You can share content with us through the contact us page, or tag us - @neurocyberUK - on Twitter.


We would be happy for you to share content with us that you have created and posted on sites that are under your control - for example, LinkedIn, Medium, YouTube, your personal website - and we can share a link and a summary, probably on our blog page.

The things that we like to share are positive, informative or otherwise help neurodivergent people feel more connected - articles that share your experiences or life hacks, or that other neurodivergent people can share with their colleagues and loved ones if they're trying to build their awareness.

We don't want to post content that you have created here because we want people posting about their life experiences to be able to delete or edit things at their own leisure. We'd rather host dead links than unhappy people!

You can share content with us through the contact us page, or tag us - @neurocyberUK - on Twitter.


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