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Cyber Courses Adapted for Neurodiversity

Through the Autism in the Workplace scheme linked with The National Museum of Computing and Thomas Cliffe of TrackNN Ltd, Qufaro has students engaging with our Headstart in Cyber Security course.

The courses that Qufaro delivers have the benefit of being online, allowing you, the learner to engage at your own pace and level of engagement. The content has variety from videos, online sessions, games, quizzes to further resources. Learners also have the opportunity to access the content in multiple ways, content can be read aloud with or without subtitles, the sound can be muted and there is also the possibility of altering the speed of the presentation as well as having the flexibility to revisit the content and decide your own schedule.

Qufaro offers a range of courses in Cyber Security, from the Headstart, Foundation in Cyber Security to the CyberEPQ all of which equip students with a broad knowledge of cyber security by engaging with the 11 modules.

Headstart involves approximately 30 guided learning hours of content, contingent on the level of engagement. It can also act as a gateway onto the accredited Level 3 CyberEPQ. All Qufaro’s courses demonstrate your passion and dedication to potential employers and universities. The courses are a pipeline into a career in cyber whether that be through entering through the workplace, an apprenticeship or even university.

The CyberEPQ also involves engaging with the cyber modules and then requires the learner to develop and research an aspect from the modules completed on the online Moodle platform and turn this into a project. During the CyberEPQ journey there is also the opportunity to develop time and project management skills as well as independent study skills, all fully supported with guidance for each step of the way. The CyberEPQ is well supported by the Qufaro Education Team and the Learner forum which grants access to cyber experts. Not only does your cyber education help to open doors, but these other skills are readily transferable to both the workplace and University.

All courses can be studied at school or at home. The CyberEPQ requires a teacher as a supervisor or you may be home-schooled with your own supervisor. We can even provide independent supervisors at an additional cost.

The Foundation in Cyber Security is also available for those heading off to study Computing, IT and/or Cyber Security at university and wish to do some background reading before starting.

All CyberEPQ students are invited to join the CyberEPQ Alumni and Mentoring Scheme. The Alumni is aimed at further developing opportunities such as Deloitte Days of Learning at their Cyber Intelligence Centre, networking and invitations to various cyber events such as webinars, masterclasses and hackathons. The mentoring scheme is to share the experience and knowledge of cyber professionals to guide you in reaching your future cyber potential in the industry.

You can find out more about these courses here.


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