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Join the conversation : The importance of embracing Neurodiversity in Tech & Cyber

Embracing Neurodiverse Talent

Mariliese-de-Villiers spoke to Sam Warner, about Neurodiversity in the Tech & Cyber sectors, joined by three of NeuroCyber UK's supporters.

We were very happy to be part of this discussion that explores what companies and the advocates of people within are trying to do (with all the imperfections) to build pipeline into cyber and tech roles for individuals disclosing or not.

Sam was formally diagnosed with Autism at the age of 35 and has suffered at the hands of bullies in the past. Today Sam is a passionate communications expert... because communication isn’t optional, we can all do some work on getting our message across. Sam’s 24+ years in corporate has given her the insight to create 'The Rules of Engagement' a programme that helps organisations integrate neurodiversity into teams and improve internal communications and behaviours.


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