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Free training resources for cyber newbies

Open University

This course is 100% free including the tests and a statement of participation! It’s OU / NCSC supported and has a good mix of different disciplines. It covers basics up to reasonably complex and it’s free (unless you want to pay for the cert at the end). Useful to help you decide where you might want to specialise.

We found a lot of good stuff on the OU for free with a basic cyber intro course (but good) and subsequent more targeted courses offering a greater focus/challenge (eg, Digital Forensics,, Information Security and Network Security).

Immersive Labs Neurodivergent Academy

This gives free access to their Labs for the ND community. It's a bit of a process to follow to get access - you have to email the National Autistic Society or IASME first, but well worth the effort because their content is great!

More options

Coursera have quite a few cyber courses. Most are free (either without certificate or on a 7 day trial) and all distance learning with flexible deadlines so no urgency placed on student. For example, Information Security: Context and Introduction.

If you want a more technical environment, hack the box is great.

Cybrary have a load of useful free courses too but can be a bit hit and miss

Happy learning!


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