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Help NeuroCyber celebrate neurodiversity

The 15th-21st of March is Neurodiversity Celebration Week

It's an event aimed at improving neurodiversity awareness and inclusivity in schools. So we thought we'd ask our members to share the cool stuff that you all do - to help inspire the next generation into cyber roles by showing that there are places to work where neurodiversity can thrive. Tweet @NeuroCyberUK #NDCW or visit our LinkedIN page and tell us a little bit about the work you are doing, your department is doing, your company is doing in this exciting field!

Siena has a message for everyone involved in NeuroCyber

Neurodiversity Celebration Week says: It is time to create a more inclusive educational landscape so that SEN students have equal access to education. But in order to bring about this change, we need your help. Please support SEN students by registering to take part in Neurodiversity Celebration Week this March 15 - 21, 2021. Please join the other 1,000+ schools and over 657,000 students from around the world that are taking part.

NeuroCyber is asking for our followers to write articles about your experiences anonymously, so that people can talk without the pressure of publicly disclosing their disabilities. You can tell us anything that might inspire young people into cyber, but we've suggested two questions in the form, as a starting point for any people who live in fear of blank sheets of paper:

  • What’s your job role and why was cyber the right sector to show off your awesome skills?

  • If you could go back in time, what advice would you give school-aged you?

You can contribute by writing your experience/s in the document below and emailing it to our team.

Deadline for contributions is the 21st of March 2021.

Article contribution - neurodiversity ce
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