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Self-Employed Neurodiversity

A lot of the case studies that we post are big multi-national organisations looking at ways to make their workplaces more accessible ... BUT, for this World Autism Awareness Week, I thought I'd post something that answers the question "what happens if I decide to go it alone?"

The stats speak for themselves - 32% of autistic people are currently in employment in the UK, only about 16% work full time. Believe it or not, that number seems to have gone down since NeuroCyber was founded (which is not causation, I would like to add!), but with the recent huge rise in unemployment and increased competition for each job advertised, these figures are probably making quite a few neurodivergent people feel a bit disheartened.

With that in mind, I've written a case study for the people wondering if the employer who could give them the best job is, in fact, themselves. It's half personal story and advice for neurodivergent people who want to explore their options, half case study, for all those D&I officers out there who want to know what they're competing with! (I'm the best boss I've ever had ... but I'm also the worst!)

Self-employed case study
Download PDF • 233KB


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